Boy does his homework in Mobile Phone Store

This wonderful news comes from Brazil.

Very rightly said if there is a will, there is a way. We often are so privileged with our basic necessities that we just don’t take out time to appreciate it in our surrounding or don’t even take out moment to thank our parents from providing us with all the needs. A 10 year old boy in Recife, Brazil was unable to do his homework as he didn’t have any electronic gadget with internet connection.

The boy who is studying in 5th grade came to the shopping mall to seek help from a mobile phone store and asked them if he could complete his research assignment on their tablet. The staff willingly allowed the boy to complete his assignment and also asked him to visit them next if required.

The boy hails from a family of low income background and goes to a Municipal School. His house lacks all these luxuries but these shortcomings cannot stop him from doing what needs to be done. This kid’s video got viral on internet and he was gifted two tablets by Samsung and a lady gave him computer and internet access.

News Courtesy: News18

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