Man, who went hungry, now delivers food

This wonderful news comes from Canada.

Tony Colley who was a banker went bankrupt 3 years ago and had nothing to eat or feed his mom. It was a hard time when you tend to learn a lot of lessons. When Colley got a job at catering company that is when the world went upside down for him. He couldn’t believe that they are so much food wasted every single day and yet some people sleep starving. He discovered that Canada alone produces about $31 billion dollar waste.

Now this was a serious problem and he thought of doing something, he started an initiative named Be One To Give (B12Give) as a barrier free diversion program. They go from retailers to shelters to provide food. Tony has collected ad delivered around 11000 pounds of food. His program is often described as ‘Uber Eats Style’ food rescue program.

We often go to events where the estimated number of guests doesn’t show up and the food has already been prepared, in conventional era this food would get waste but with Colley’s initiative his team is contacted by the event management company and the food is delivered to the people in need.

Image Source: CBC

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