Kerala Vlogger chronicles his stay at Coronavirus isolation ward

This wonderful news comes to us from Kerala in India.

Shakir Subhan was traveling on a journey to tour the world on his motorcycle when suddenly he had to end his trip and return to Kerala after the outbreak of the corona virus.

Everybody made room for him and avoided contact with him, this has made Shakir feel like a rock star as he feels that he is being treated like a VIP. Shakir wears a N95 mask on his face as he saunters through the airport at Kannur. He has a selfie stick in his hand and he is recording the experience of being taken to the isolation wad to be tested for Corona virus.

Shakir has arrived from Azerbaijan to Kannur and he is seen to be willingly complying with the officials as he is taken to the isolation ward at the government hospital in Kannur. At all times he is recording his experience.

The first video is of 23 minutes length and shows Shakir alone at the isolation ward where he is tended to by a nurse in protective clothing and gear. His attitude is refreshing as he is cheerful at all times, even when there is the grave threat of being infected.

Shakir had set off on his journey to the far corners of the world on his motorcycle, but circumstances forced him to come back. He promises that he will complete his trip as soon as possible and for the time being I happy to be going back home.

Shakir’s video is choc a bloc with positivity. He reminds at all times that it I very important to enjoy the small pleasures of life and never to be afraid.

Video Source: YouTube

Image Source: The News Minute

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