Charities stunned to receive a share from this woman’s private estate summing to $14 Million

This wonderful news come to us from New South Wales, Australia.

Sheila Woodcock’s soul must be really very happy because of the pious job the old woman did before leaving for heavens. Hailing from New South Wales, Sheila was not very vocal about her life and what she did for a living. From traveling to horticulture and having chocolates to enjoying with animals, she did everything and enjoyed her life to the fullest.

She spent her life single, without any kids but she had several friends and also a few close ones who often spent time with her and noticed that several charities sent thank you notes to her but no one ever questioned. There was not one single person who had any knowledge that Sheila had a whopping sum of $14 Million as property.

She left the world in May 2018 and no one had any idea that she left behind a great deal of property to be distributed among charities in Australia. Kent Woodcock, Sheila’s second cousin and also a dear friend had little bit of knowledge that Sheila was financially well off but had no idea about the sum being so big.

Kent finally took the responsibility of Sheila’s will and testament. So, representatives from the 15 Australian charities were invited to Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service facility and they couldn’t believe their ears when the sum total was declared.

Kent who was also startled stated, “I don’t think anybody [in Newcastle] has ever done something like this and I don’t know if we’ll ever see it again.”

It is obviously a big thing for the charitable institutions and it was also a big thing to be done by any person. Though not between us, we would like to thank sheila for her noble deed and kudos to the giant-hearted lady.

Image Source: Good News Network

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