German woman made ramp out of Lego to make places more accessible

This uplifting news comes to us from Germany.

Rita Ebel has been on wheelchair for more than 20 years now. She comes from Germany. She was perfectly fine and was leading a normal life when she met with an car accident and was not able to walk anymore. She has been on the wheels since then. Though she has become used to the wheelchair and has opted it as her life style but still she faces many challenges in this world.

When you try to normalize and be independent the world doesn’t let you. Normal day to day functioning is difficult, Rita says that she finds it difficult to go for grocery shopping and cant visit cafes. The 62 years old women says that this unfortunate incident can happen to anyone and anytime and this can make them feel useless because they are not able to visit places on their own without anyone’s help.

In her pastime while playing with the bricks she came across the idea of building ramps with it as the bright colour will alert the wheel users that they can visit this place without any difficulty. The idea behind the Lego ramp was that it’s super affordable.

The old woman has sent ramp building instructions to Austria and Switzerland and there us interest from Spain and a school in United States.

Image Source: INEWS

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