This girl gave her board exams while on oxygen support

This inspiring news come to us from Bareilly, India.

When students have the passion to study they don’t wait for chances but they take chances and study in extreme situations as well. This sixteen year old girl from Bareilly was hell bent to appear for her class X board exams and despite suffering from a lung disease, she made sure to sit for the exams.

Safia Ahmed was a brilliant student until she was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis. Since five years Safia has suffered a lot and it all began when she was operated to get stone removed from her gall bladder. After a year or so, her parents came to know that she has tuberculosis. They managed to get her treatment done in a private hospital and it was time to feel relieved as Safia’s body was showing positive signs.

In no time, her parents discovered that she has pulmonary tuberculosis thus her lungs get filled up with fluid every now and then and it has to be treated. Her parents were left shattered and Safia was put to bedrest for several months. When she felt a bit relieved, she resumed studying and decided to appear for her board exams. She was told to carry an oxygen cylinder all throughout.

Her doctors, the school principal and the teachers at the school have supported us in ensuring that my daughter could write the board exams,” said Sarvar Javed, Safia’s father. Thus Safia has been granted permission to write her board exams as a private student. Being on oxygen support since the last 1 and a half years, Safia is currently on oxygen support and is writing her exams by carrying the cylinder to the examination hall. With such great passion for knowledge and studies, India’s future is definitely very bright.

Her father has immense hope from her and he feels that even after dropping out from high school exams due to her health conditions and not being able to attend school regularly, her passion will help her move forward in life. He believes his daughter will achieve something worthy in life and we totally salute the spirit of this dad – daughter duo.

The nation needs more students like Safia who are ready to cross limits for getting educated. We hope Safia fares well in the exams and we will wait to see her score. All the best girl!

Image Source: Times Of India

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