Local Australian men saved a toddler fallen underneath a train

This happy news come to us from Sydney, Australia.

Can you imagine what a mom goes through when her child faces an accident? It is absolutely horrifying and unimaginable! Well, even then there are several such cases where little kids and toddlers face tough situations leaving their parents scared and worried.

A Sydney mom had a horrifying experience at Wolli Creek station housed in South Sydney, when her daughter fell under the train and the woman lost control.

She was so distressed that the crowd immediately started consoling her and giving her an assurance that the baby would be saved soon. Three passengers immediately took action and crawled underneath to look for the baby and save her life. The incident happened on February 24th somewhere around 9:15 in the morning.

When three guys jumped down from the platform, others were hoping and praying for the child and soon one of the three guys said that the girl has been found somewhere towards the start of the train. He then came forward and handed the child to the mother and was heard saying, “ she’s fine, she’s fine!”

A passerby namely Joseph Mourtada aged 36 filmed the entire incident and said that he feels relieved that the child was saved timely. Mourtada was passing by when he saw a small crowd and stopped when he heard the mom screaming that her daughter is beneath the train.

The mother said that it was the first time her daughter was traveling by train and it might have become her last. The baby was scared of the train and tried to back off when she accidentally fell down.

The moment when the baby was handed to the mom has also been filmed by Mourtada and it is surely an amazing moment. The train authority was happy to have the baby saved and they thanked the guy for taking immediate action and coming forward to help the mom and her baby. Mourtada also mentioned that everything starting from the baby falling, the mom getting distressed, people gathering and the guys taking action and saving the child, happened very quickly.

Well, where on one side there are people who are least bothered about anything happening around them there are others like these three men who jumped underneath a train to save the life of an unknown. How about having more and more people like these men?

Image Source: The New Daily

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