Pacific garbage cleaner has his eyes on littered rivers around the world

This wonderful news comes to us from Netherlands.

You must have heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch! The guy behind all this, Boyan Slat is up with something even more unbelievable. He is on a spree to clean the rivers.

Collecting nearly 2 large garbage containers from the Pacific Ocean, Slat’s organisation namely ‘The Ocean Cleanup’ has achieved something of this sort for the first time in world history. The process involves setting up of cleanup vessels along the ocean current path and a massive amount of  litter and waste get trapped in the device. Slat claims that the devices trap micro plastics as well.

Slat gradually gave a thought to the cause of ocean pollution and he realised that most of the litter and garbage moving into the oceans are carried by polluted rivers. A deeper research gave them an insight into the amount of waste that around 1000s of rivers around the world are adding to the ocean. Hold your breath! It is 80%!

The task to trap plastic would be much more easier to be performed in the rivers than in oceans. Slat came up with a wonderful idea of a giant machine that would gobble up river trash. Naming it ‘The Inceptor’, Slat is planning to set up the device in world’s 1000 most dirtiest rivers by the year 2025.

The device is easy to manufacture and is thus cost effective. This would support poorer nations that produce more waste due to inadequate waste disposal as well as recycling techniques. The team is planning to plant several inceptors at different points in a river in order to make sure that the least amount of waste travels to the oceans.

At present, the inceptor is set up in Kuala Lumpur’s Klang River and Jakarta’s Cengkareng Drain.

Image Source: Good News Network

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