Muslim man gets his hindu foster daughter married in a temple

This wonderful news comes to us from Kerala, India.

Hailing from Melparamba in Kasaragod, Abdulla Abdurahiman is absolutely a man with a golden heart. Living with his wife and three sons, Abdulla with his arms wide open welcomed Rajeshwari some 15 years back after the latter’s parents died.

Abdulla knew the girl’s father as the latter used to work for Abdulla. When Rajeshwari attained a marriageable age Abdulla decided to fulfil his fatherly duty and get the girl married. He informed his family that he would get his girl married as per the hindu customs because she is hindu by birth.

Always treating her like his daughter, Abdulla got her married when she turned 22. He fixed her marriage with a guy named Vishnuprasad hailing from Kanhangad. Abdulla presented himself and his wife as proud parents of the girl and organised a simple marriage function at Manyottu temple housed in Vishnuprasad’s village.

When Rajeshwari’s parents died, her relatives brought her to Abdulla’s place as her father used to serve Abdulla and his family. The family greeted and welcomed Rajeshwari where she grew up amidst Abdulla’s three sons. The girl was not upbeat about getting educated and was always ready to help with the household work but Abdulla made sure that she was never treated as a maid.

Her relatives also took her back to her native village once but she returned back to Abdulla’s house soon and made it a point that she would continue to live with the family. “I have not legally adopted her but she is a daughter for me and my wife Khadeeja right from the beginning, so we were happy to solemnize her marriage too, after a suitable bridegroom was identified,” said Abdulla.

When Vishnuprasad’s family insisted on having the marriage in a temple, Abdulla got tensed because he and his family being muslims would not be permitted to enter a temple. They were soon informed that the Manyottu temple has no such restrictions and he was happy to perform the rituals along with his wife, mother, three sons and other relatives.

Abdulla also said that when it came to Rajeshwari he always thought about his duty to get her married and never gave importance to religion and faith. Doesn’t it feels great to know about the selfless nature of a muslim man blessed with 3 sons already?

Image Credits: Times Of India

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