87 year old corona virus patient takes care of his wife admitted in the same hospital

This inspiring news comes to us from Wuhan.

We have been hearing more and more cases of deaths from corona virus but amidst all this there’s this couple making the world go gaga over their love for each other.

The Wuhan Hankou hospital has witnessed the beautiful story of 2 love birds admitted in their wards after their tests for Covid 19 turned out to be positive. The love birds are not a young and happening couple but an elderly couple where the man is aged 87 and his wife is aged 83.

The woman is being taken care of in the intensive care unit because of severe lung infection and her condition was more critical than the elderly man. Both of them being sick, have been admitted to this hospital but the man won the hearts of the hospital staff because of his immense love and dedication towards his loving wife.

The couple have been admitted to separate wards and even then the man is performing his duty towards his wife by making rounds and paying a visit to his wife every now and then. Sister Sun Xiao Yu said that the nurses have become fond of the couple and the hospital staff is taking extreme care of the couple.

The man has been seen watching his wife while sitting beside her and checking her IV drip every other second. Nurses have also seen the old man paying his wife a visit during the night time and he also tends to rest beside her bed. He also feeds her food and gives her medicines on time. The old lady eats food only when her husband is around.

The spark between them is also seen during the breakfast distribution time when the elderly man turns up with his wife’s breakfast almost every morning. Despite being ill himself, this man like a superhero, is taking every step to protect his wife and we pray the amazing couple gets well soon. How we wish that we had more couples like this one and there would be magic everywhere.

It feels good to see that true love actually exists. At the age of 87, when the human body is not able to function properly, this man taking care of his wife is living proof of selfless love. Our best wishes are with the beautiful couple.

Image Credits: Mothership

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