This fitness trainer is a rape survivor and an inspiration for one and all

This inspiring news comes to us from Kerela, India.

Hailing from a village in Calicut namely Mukkam this girl Jasmine M Moosa had a normal childhood like most of the girls in that village. But she hardly had any idea that at the age of seventeen destiny had some cruel plans in mind for her.

One fine day when Jasmine came back home from school she saw a few guests being served at her house. When they left, she was informed that they had come with a marriage proposal for her. She repeatedly told her family that she wasn’t ready for this but within a week her family got her engaged to the guy. After around 3 days when Jasmine turned 18, she got married.

On her first night, her husband started forcing himself on her and Jasmine screamed out loud but it was pretty normal for the people around because this happened with almost all the girls in the area and people were used to these screams.

After spending a few months with the guy, Jasmine finally came to know that her husband was autistic. It took her a year to disclose this to her family and she eventually got divorced. Her family instantly started taking measures to get her remarried but this time she made it clear that she would like to meet the guy in person before finalising anything.

To her surprise, her second marriage came out to be even more miserable. Her husband raped her on the very first night of their wedding. Being a cocaine addict, her husband continued to rape her every single night and one fine day Jasmine discovered that she was pregnant. In a fit of rage, her husband kicked her hard on knowing about the pregnancy and she lost her child soon.

She divorced her husband and got him arrested for domestic violence. Soon, she moved to Kochi and worked as a receptionist at a fitness Center. After working hard in the gym, Jasmine uploaded a transformation video on social media that received loads of love from people all over the web. She then moved on to Bengaluru and got trained for a certified fitness course. Inspiring thousands of people, today Jasmine is a fitness expert and she has learnt a great deal of lessons from her two failed marriages.

We are so proud to see a strong Jasmine who has made up her mind to never look back. Way to go girl!

Image Credits: The Better India

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