These Icelandic horses captured on camera look like a dream come true

This wonderful news comes to us from Iceland.

Do you believe in fairytales? Well, even if you don’t, you will have to believe that fairytales do exist and they are real because these Icelandic horses can’t be real if there weren’t any real fairytales. Yes, these horses are so dreamy to look at that their pictures will leave you startled and lost.

Known for capturing majestic landscapes, amazing people and popular cultures all around the world, photographer Drew Doggett has given the world an enchanting touch of majestic Icelandic horses in his photography series namely In the Realm of Legends.

You must have seen innumerable pictures of the beauty of Iceland but Doggett went a step further and introduced these heavenly creatures to the world. Keeping almost all his pictures in black and white, Doggett was so touched by the beauty of these horses that he decided to keep the series colourful. He wanted the world to see these enchanted creatures just like they are; real and gorgeous.

With pale blue ice, sandy beaches, rocks and mountains in the backdrop, these pristine white and brown horses add to the beautiful contrast in the photos. Doggett was astonished to see the powerful horses standing calmly beside roaring waterfalls. The beauty of these wonderful horses will take you into another world.

These horses living in the extremes are proof that beauty exists in several forms and you need to be in the right place to witness it. Doggett considers himself lucky to have visited Iceland. He spent days on a farm in Iceland and lived amidst several horses thus connecting with nature and having a sip of nature’s beauty. Don’t you wish to see the horses in person?

Image Credits: My Modern Met

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