Daily wage labourer elated on winning lottery worth INR12 crore

This happy news come to us from Kerela, India.

Lottery wins absolutely come as a surprise for almost all the lucky winners and it also changes the destiny of the winners. Many a times it so happens that the winners gets so shocked after their win that it takes them days to digest the news.

Something similar happened with Perunnon Rajan aged 58 who won the first prize of a lottery in Kerala worth INR12 crore. Rajan residing in Puralimala Kaithachal Kurichya colony housed in Tholambra is the bread earner for his family of four. He does odd jobs in order to feed his wife daughter and son. He also has an elder daughter who is married.

Rajan is a daily wage labourer and despite facing financial difficulties he made it a point to invest in lottery tickets every now and then because he had a hope that one day his investments would give him a big surprise return and it happened this year.

He purchased a lottery ticket for the Kerala new year Christmas bumper lottery and he was declared the lucky winner in February this year winning a whopping ₹12 crore that would come down to around ₹7.2 crores after tax deduction.

Although everyone purchased lottery tickets with the expectation to win big but Rajan’s family was so shocked on getting the first prize that they waited a day to cross check the result in order to be sure before submitting the amount to the bank.

Rajan is yet to digest the reality of him becoming a crorepati overnight and thus he has not even decided what to do with the winning amount. He had made up his mind to clear the little dues that he has and then help his distant relatives and friends who are in need of financial help; the ones who are struggling either financially or physically.

Having seen tough times in his life till date, Rajan values money a lot and he has assured his family that he would not waste a single penny and use it wisely and not extravagantly. Now isn’t this called true humble nature?

Anyone can spend money unnecessarily but only a gentleman knows how to use the hard earned money wisely. We respect Rajan for his thoughts and hope he has a bright future ahead. Wishing him more success and good luck.

Image Credits: Times Of India

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