Student designs affordable prosthetic arms for the disabled

This wonderful news comes to us from India.

When he was a child growing up in a nondescript small town in Madhya Pradesh, Prashant Gade was interested in how the things around him worked. This happened to be an interest that would lead him to take up engineering and then turn into a developer with the Inali Arm, which is a low cost myoelectric prosthetic arm. This innovation led Prashant to win the top awards at the Arohan Social Innovation Awards.

Gade was inspired to start working on a prosthetic arm after he met a little girl who had no arms. He says,” I met this seven-year-old called Shreya who was missing both arms from birth and I wanted to help her out by gifting her a prosthetic arm. A company I contacted for this quoting a price of Rs 24 lah and I was shocked because most people cannot afford this.”

Gade says about the Inali Arm that he invented, “I started working on Inali Arm in 2015 and since then I have created nearly eight design iterations. The final design works with the brain signals so that whenever a patient thinks about moving his muscles , the brain sends a signal that is captured by the sensors and duly processed. That is how the hand works.”

Inali is named after Gade’s fiancée who was a source of support and encouragement during Gde’s battle to overcome the financial and personal challenges that dogged him at every step of the Inali Arm development phase.

Gade even quit his job to work full time on the Inali Arm and this decision did not go down well with his parents who stopped talking to him. But that did not deter Gade from working on the Inali Arm. He persevered and made the right breakthroughs so that the Inali Arm was developed in time.

Inali Arm is available in the market and it caters to the people who have a limb disability. The people who have been fitted with this arm report satisfaction with its performance. The prosthetic arm is lighter and more maneuverable than other prosthetic arms in the market.

Going forward, Gade plans to design a range of affordable healthcare products. Till now he has given over 700 limbs to people from various parts of India for free.

Image source: Facebook

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