Canadian stray dog keeps orphaned kitties warm by cuddling them in chilly cold weather

This uplifting news comes to us from Canada.

We have heard a lot of rescue stories where kind human beings have rescued poor animals from death situations but when animals come forward to save or rescue another animal, the story can move anyone to tears.

This incident was reported by a Canadian citizen who noticed a lonely dog on a freezing Canadian night. The temperature had fallen and this dog was somehow breathing in the chilly night. Her body was shivering and it was after sometime that the person noticed that the dog was protecting five kittens underneath her body by providing them her body heat and keeping them warm in the freezing cold night.

The kind person immediately informed Pet and Wildlife Rescue about the unbelievable incident and the volunteers reached the spot in no time and they carried the little kittens and the saviour dog along with them.

The rescue centre has named the dog Serenity and we are happy to know that Serenity and her kitties are all safe and sound. The rescue centre has no details about their past and they have no idea whether Serenity knew the kitties beforehand or she met them by chance on that very night. The volunteers have also been waiting for the owner of either the dog or the kitties but no one has shown up till date. They are sad that they won’t be able to know what had actually happened on and before that disastrous night.

Serenity loves her kitties a lot and despite being safe and healthy at the rescue centre, she still roams around and checks her babies every now and then. It seems she is worried about them like a mom and she is always hoping that they are okay.

The kitties have recently moved to stay with a foster family until they are capable of staying with forever parents. Serenity on the other hand is being made ready for adoption.

We are grateful to the unidentified person for calling up the rescue centre and informing them of Serenity and the kittens. But the real hero in this case is Serenity who left no stone unturned in saving the lives of her kitties and treating them like her own children. We wish there are more creatures like this brave dog. An inspiration for everyone out there!

Image Source: Just Something

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