Photographer stunned to see an orangutan rescuing a forest warden

This happy news comes to us from Borneo, Asia.

Animals are really very unpredictable when it comes to their behaviour with humans. An upcoming photographer namely Anil Prabhakar was on a safari in the conservation forest area in island Borneo when he and his friends witnessed a rare sight.

Anil quickly captured the moment by clicking several pictures. A forest warden had landed up in a river in order to clear the snakes as they are enemies of orangutans. Prabhakar and his friends were stunned to see an orangutan approaching the warden and giving him a helping hand in order to pull him out of the water.

The pictures went viral on the web and people absolutely loved the random act of kindness by the orangutan. When the warden was informed by someone about snakes in the river, he went on to clear the bushes in order to look for snakes. The orangutan first observed what the warden was doing and soon after he held his hand out for help.

The warden on the other hand did not accept the helping hand because he feared the wild animal. He is a part of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation that works for saving the Orangutan habitat from potential dangers of deforestation.

Working since 1991, the organisation feels that by protecting the natural habitat of orangutans, they indirectly protect a wide range of flora and fauna. The also hold the opinion that natural habitats are not just important for animals but equally important for humans too.

The Borneo rainforests are home to around 160 species of snakes and the snakes being a threat to orangutans, the organisation takes steps to clear the rivers for these wonderful creatures. With the help of rubber snakes, they also conduct teaching sessions for the orangutans and make them aware of the potential dangers in their habitat.

Image Credits: Bored Panda

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