An orangutan at a zoo supported a mom while she breastfed her son

This wonderful news comes to us from Vienna, Austria.

An avid traveller Gemma Copeland made a sudden travel plan to Vienna because she found cheap air tickets as well as accommodation. Gemma who recently gave birth to a baby boy decided not to hold back her travel dreams only because of having become a mother and she made a plan with her partner and her little baby boy.

They decided to visit the Schönbrunn Zoo and Gemma hardly knew that she will have a life changing moment at the zoo. They were nearing exit when Gemma thought of visiting the orangutan enclosure. After waiting for sometime when the orangutans were far away from the onlookers, Gemma decided to move forward and soon after she noticed an orangutan coming towards her.

The orangutan looked closely towards Gemma and her little son. It was then that she had a feeling that her baby is hungry and it was time to breastfeed him. Without wasting any time, Gemma took position and leaned on the glass in order to feed her son. The orangutan sat beside Gemma and began stroking the glass as if she was cuddling the child and wanting to keep her hand on his head. This gesture comforted Gemma while breastfeeding her son and it moved her to tears.

She could have never imagined that an orangutan would relate to her intimate moment. Soon, a crowd gathered around her and people were so lovable towards Gemma and her son that she could not believe her eyes. In a world where mothers mostly become prey to snide remarks while breastfeeding in public, this wonderful moment made her heart melt.

Gemma also noticed a little girl asking an elderly lady about the action and the lady politely explained it to the child that it was a way a mother feeds milk to her child. The onlookers along with the orangutan silently watched Gemma and her baby and it was highest form of respect any mother would get during breastfeeding in public.

Gemma’s partner captured the moments and she shared her experience on social media where she got immense support and love from people. Such a warm and cozy feeling from an animal as well as people in the zoo gave Gemma an unforgettable day in her life.

It is something she will never forget and she also mentioned that she would often tell her son about this incident and feeling even after he grows up.

Image Source: Love What Matters

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