The bookstore where cats roam around and are even adopted by customers

This happy news comes to us from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Have you ever thought about reading your favourite book and cuddling a cat in your lap? Well, the epic combination of cuddling a cat and reading a book not just sounds heavenly but feels cosy too. It is this very concept that makes Otis & Clementine’s Books and Coffee one of the best bookstore in Canada.

With the help of South Paw Conservation Nova Scotia this bookstore housed in the Upper Tantallon municipality of the Canadian province Nova Scotia has come up with this unique concept. They let shelter cats loiter around in the bookstore so that the readers can have a furry company and can even adopt them if they want. The conservation centre provides the bookstore with these cute cats that are found sleeping on the bookshelves or sometimes even curled up on the chairs.

The sight is so adorable that anyone would fall in love with the cats as well as this unique bookstore. The shop is doubling up as a temporary home for these shelter cats who are eager to find a forever for themselves. It seems these lovely kitties are waiting for someone to pick them up and take them to their home where they would live happily forever.

The concept has come out successful as the bookshop has been visited by several potential kitten adopters and some 30 kitties have been adopted till date. The shop has an adoption success rate of hundred percent.

The shop owner namely Ellen Hemke is happy with the success and she says that the cats stay in the bookstore for a very short period of time because they are in and out fairly quick. They don’t have to stay here for long because they are adopted as soon as they come to the shop.

The adoption charge is around 255 Canadian dollars and the bookshop also demands for references in order to ensure that the kitty is moving to the right place. The conservation centre is also elated with the collaboration with the bookstore and they are happy to see their kittens being handed over to loving parents.

We hope this unique but lovely initiative is talked about all around the world so that more people follow the concept and thus more number of kitties get their forever homes.

Image Source: Just Something

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