Constable saved the lives of drowning ragpickers by jumping in Tapi

This inspiring news comes to us from Surat, India.

The weir-cum-causeway on the Tapi river helped a police constable in saving the lives of 2 ragpickers who were drowning in the river beneath.

Constable R R Rabari was walking on the causeway at around 9 am in the morning when he noticed a crowd on the causeway and people peeping down into the river. He saw a girl coming out of the water frequently but there was also a woman who could not come up to the surface very easily. He immediately understood that the woman must have gulped in a lot of water and can drown and die anytime. Without wasting any time, he jumped into the river to save both of them.

“The woman had already gulped lot of water and hence I pressed her back and chest after which she began to puke. She was safe after that. The girl was normal”, said Rabari. He decided not to wait for the fire department men to arrive because he had the notion that the woman had very little time left. Without removing his wallet or making any other preparations, he just jumped into the water to save their lives.

Rabari was on his way back to Singanpore (his home) from his night shift at city traffic police head office and he hardly had any clue that he was about to show his heroic spirit to the people present there.

The woman was identified to be a 30 year old ragpicker namely Rita Rathod and was accompanied by her 10 year old niece Jayshree. Rita and her niece were collecting plastic waste from the riverside underneath the causeway when Jayshree’s leg slipped and she fell into the river. In order to save her niece, Rita threw a cloth in the water so that she could pull her out but she soon lost balance thus falling into the river herself.

Jayshree could somehow manage and come up in between but Rita was on the verge of drowning completely when Rabari noticed them. Police Commissioner R B Brahmbhatt applauded Rabari for his courageous and Nobel deed and gave him a letter of appreciation as well as INR 1000 cash prize. His name will likely be recommended for Jivan Raksha Padak award initiated by the Government of India.

Rabari has been working in the police department since 6 years and we salute his bravery. Jai hind!

Image Credits: Times Of India

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