Just born baby girl smiled at her dad as soon as he spoke to her

This happy news comes to us from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Dads and daughters do share a very special bond and it is always evident all through out the world. Daddy’s princess is a very common term associated with daughters and this dad-daughter duo proved it to the world that the dad daughter bond already gets strong when the child is in the womb itself.

Flávio Dantas living in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil was fond of his daughter even before she was born. He had made it a routine to talk to his daughter by rubbing his wife’s belly every morning before she went to work. He used to mutter, “I’ll always be there” and instantly the baby girl used to kick in response to her dad’s promise. He used to chat with her almost all the time and as said that the baby starts reacting to the outside world’s noise, this little girl reacted to her dad’s conversation.

The baby girl namely Antonella was also luckily born on August 11 last year and it was father’s day in Brazil. Well, isn’t this already a proof that she is born to be her daddy’s girl? After the delivery when baby Antonella was handed over to the parents, she being asleep was lying on her mother’s chest when Flávio leaned in closer to her ears and whispered “hello”. When he called out for the second time, to everyone’s surprise, Antonella woke up and gave him a big miracle smile. Flávio’s happiness knew no bounds.

The stupendous moment was clicked and posted on social media where it went viral. People from around the globe showered their love on the beautiful family. The parents feel blessed to have such a gorgeous child. Baby Antonella had been listening to her daddy’s voice since a long time and it was not tough for her to recognise his voice right after birth.

The mommy Tarsila feels that her little angel is a precious gift that Lord has given to her and daddy Flávio describes his love to be “too big to fit inside his chest”. He is elated on experiencing the after birth smile moment. Antonella is truly a blessed child as she has the lovliest parents in the world. We wish the family a melodious future ahead and hope the little girl grows up to be a wonderful lady.

Image Source: Healthy Food House

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