These elderly Chinese women run a dog asylum saving the lives of thousands of dogs

This inspiring news comes to us from Weinan, China.

The story goes back to around six years when one of these five women namely Wang Yanfang came up with the concept of a dog asylum. Since then, Yanfang along with her other four friends have made it a habit to wake up early at around 4 am in order to look after these pups.

Looking after nearly 1300 dogs, the elderly ladies have to wake up so early because they prepare close to 400 kgs of dog food each day. Yes, such huge a quantity is required to feed 1300 dogs.

These lovely ladies are in their 60s and 70s and they make every effort to shower love and affection on these lucky pups. They work day and night for the betterment of the dogs and leave no stone unturned in grooming them and taking care of them.

For any dog lover, working at this asylum would feel like a dream come true but it isn’t the actual scenario. The asylum being home to stray dogs, these ladies have been bitten every now and then. Despite this, the women don’t let their hopes and determination die and they have made it a point to spend their entire life looking after the pups.

The dogs of the asylum are really very lucky because if not here, several of them must have been dead by now. Although the elderlies have to face challenges, they smile and move forward every day. The asylum being run entirely on donations, the local communities do come forward to help the asylum with donations whenever it is possible for them.

The women are so attached to the asylum and the pups that they even spent their new year with these lovely dogs. They feel that the pups are like their children and they cannot even imagine of being apart or leaving them alone and unattended for a second.

An inspiration for one and all, planet earth definitely needs more people like these five elderly women. They have given a new life to thousands of dogs who might have otherwise lived a life of despair or might have even died. This type of dedication and hard work to save animal life and serve them till death is not easy to find nowadays. These ladies are superheroes and we truly salute them.

Image Source: Just Something

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