This donkey caught in a flood joyfully smiled at his rescuers

This inspiring news comes to us from Ireland.

We humans might forget to thank our well-wishers and rescuers but animals never tend to forget something of this sort. We have heard of several animal rescue stories but this one is special because of a joyful smile.

A donkey trapped in a flooded field gave a mighty smile to its rescuers. A river flowing near the field had flooded and thus the donkey got stuck amidst water. The donkey resting in its stable had to run when a storm destroyed the stable but the poor animal lost all hopes when it found itself stuck amidst chilly cold water all around.

Despite running out from the stable, the donkey hardly knew that the entire field was flooded and it would get stuck. The founder of Animal Heaven Animal Rescue namely Suzanne Gibbons came forward to help the poor donkey. She instantly thought about the local rowing club and contacted its member, Mike Fleming.

Mike came along with his boat and a team of rescuers joined in to help the donkey come out of the situation. After getting him out safely, the team was elated and as soon as the animal realised that it was out of danger, it smiled at the rescuers. That smile was big enough to leave the rescuers in splits. They could not believe their eyes. How can an animal be so thankful?

The rescue team used a rope and a life saver in order to tow the donkey. He was then named ‘Mike’ in order to honor Mike Fleming for coming forward with his boat. The donkey was comforted and it regained confidence soon.

Image Source: Just Something

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