These Japanese corgi butt buns are too cute to handle

This wonderful news comes to us from Sapporo, Japan.

We usually get to see some characteristic features of particular animals that make them adorable. Have you heard of corgis? The cute little dog breed is so cute that you will want to pick the dog up and kiss it right away. But what makes them super cute is their fluffy butt. Yes, that’s true, you have got to see a corgi butt at least once in your lifetime.

Well, the corgi butt is very cute but once you see them wiggle, you won’t be able to resist yourself from kissing the adorable creature. There is this bakery in Sapporo, Japan that belies that corgi butts are the cutest object in the entire world and they decided to bake buns in the shape of corgi butts.

The bakery namely Utiwapanya Bakery not just made corgi butt buns but also decided to make the buns a sweet pleasure for their customers by filling them with jam or custard. These buns are too sweet to handle and you won’t be able to eat them up because a dog lover will keep staring at the beauty of the buns.

Almost resembling a real corgi butt, the buns are an absolutely adorable treat. The bakery has also come up with other bun ideas like hedgehog buns. It seems the staff is always up to creating something very creative and these cute buns are perfect example of their creativity.

Well, the super cute concept and the sweet fillings make these buns all the tastier. The buns are enough to make your loved ones’ day special. These animal shaped buns are not only good to look at but delicious when eaten. We will wait to see what the bakery comes up with next. Till then, you can enjoy these corgi butt buns.

Image Credits: Just Something

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