Dog’s mistake turns blessing in disguise for its owner

This happy news comes to us from Taiwan.

A golden retriever namely Kimi hardly knew that her mommie would get miffed after seeing her mischievous deed. Kimi chewed up her mommies passport a month before the family had to leave for Wuhan from Taiwan.

The pulpy remains of the passport would definitely not allow her to go on the trip. The cancellation of the trip irked the mom and Kimi was feeling ashamed of her act. Just when the trip was planned, Wuhan underwent some changes that left the mom grateful towards Kimi for chewing her passport.
Days after the passport chewing incident, the family came to know that the corona virus cases have gone up drastically in Wuhan. The dog owner felt so thankful to Kimi that she went on to post a thank you note after few days of posting about her trashed passport.

Corona viruses can be easy going as well as serious. Symptoms include coughing, runny nose, fever etc. The one spread in Wuhan was as serious as SARS in 2013 that had caused around 700 deaths.

Kimi’s owner is not sure whether it was Kimi’s intuition or just stupid playfulness that made her do it but she feels that it was her dog who saved her and her family from getting caught up in Wuhan. Kimi’s initial embarrassment must have definitely transformed into a good feeling knowing that her mom is now safe. Although the ruined passport has caused trouble to the dog owner but she was saved from the life threatening corona virus effect.

We might feel that it was mere coincidence but we never know, sometimes these wonderful creatures do get intuitions and Kimi might have saved her mommy with that thought in mind. Whatsoever, we love the dog- parent relationship and hope they both have a great bond ahead.

Image Source: Just Something

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