Doctor who treated first 7 cases of Coronavirus now a hero in China

This wonderful news comes to us from China.

Zhang Jixian is a 54 year old Wuhan based respiratory expert. On the morning of December 26, she had her hands full with patients. There were four people, with three from a single family who were down with flu that appeared to be of a new strain and kind.

One thing common to all these cases was that upon taking an x-ray their lungs appeared to be distressed with a severe case of pneumonia. The very next day, there were 3 more patients who shared the same symptoms. This put Zhang Jixian on high alert.

She was concerned with the fact that there were members of the same family who shared the same symptoms. This suggested that what the doctor was dealing with was a highly infectious disease.

She says, “In general there will only be one patient when a family visits a doctor, and three people will not get the same disease at the same time unless it is an infectious disease.”

Of the first seven patients that Zhang Jixian treated, four had another thing in common- the seafood in Hunan and also the meat market that does trade in wildlife. Zhang did not know this in the beginning but she became the first doctor in the entire world to diagnose and treat the Coronavirus that would go on to kill 300 people over the next 5 weeks and also affect over 14,000  people all over the globe.

And another month later, Zhang has become a hero in China. She was interviewed by leading newspapers and when the interview went online it garnered over 420 million views, as well as 93000 threads of discussion on social media.

Zhang says, “This is a disease we have never seen before. There were also 4 patients from the South China seafood market. This was definitely a problem.”

She says that in all of the seven patients that she treated, the symptoms in the lungs was common with there being a difference in severity. She understood that this was abnormal and did not waste any time in informing the hospital, going on to hold a multi-department consultation to rein in the Coronavirus.

The hospital had only 9 isolation beds and they proved unable to hold all of the cases that came in eventually. The respiratory medical staff was directed to wear N95 professional protective masks on the orders of Zhang and doctors dealing with the Coronavirus were wearing protective and isolation clothes while treating the patients.

Image source: Hindustan Times

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