This photographer captured an angelic ice halo while skiing on the Swiss Alps

This wonderful news comes to us from Switzerland.

The Hörnligrat Mountain in the Swiss Alps is visited by thousands of visitors from all over the world. Among the several tourists was Michael Schneider who hardly knew that he is going to capture an angelic ice halo.

It was in the month of November last year that Michael had visited the Hörnligrat Mountain. He was skiing down the slope when there were frozen ice crystals in midair and a beautiful ice halo was formed around the sun. He quickly snapped the moment with his iPhone 11 and you won’t believe your eyes when you see the breathtaking picture.

It was technically a ‘22° halo’ that is formed when light rays fall on the ice crystals that are floating in the air. Similar to the formation of a rainbow, the ice crystals also tend to reflect or sometimes even refract the light rays but the halo formation depends on the shape of the crystals and also the angle of the light rays.

Michael turned back and saw upward on the top of the mountain and realised that the formation was taking place. He said, “I quickly realised that a halo was developing in the backlight to the Sun, initially very inconspicuous until this light phenomenon increased incredibly. I was fascinated by the two rings around the Sun and the many light reflections.”

Michael was very happy that he had planned his skiing session with his colleague that day. With the temperature around -7 degrees, he made good use of his newly purchased phone and the camera features are definitely very good.

Image Credits: Daily Mail

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