Gurgaon student creates chatbot to help people cope with stress

This wonderful news comes to us from Gurgaon, India.

Prakhar Gupta, a class nine student in Gurgaon has done his bit to help people cope with stress. The intrepid boy has made an artificial intelligence powered chatbot called MAX which is tweaked towards helping people tackle stress in times that are highly demanding.

The student of a private school in Gurgaon, Prakhar says “A major reason behind stress is that people keep their issues bottled up and don’t speak to anyone about it. However my chatbot acts as a friend to such people who are dealing with stress and helps them in resolving their issues.”

India has one of the largest populations of people who are stressed out on a daily basis and access to help is few and far between. The chatbot created by Prakhar is powered by AI and it promises to help people cope with the daily grind and stress that come with the job.

Prakhar, all of 14 years old, had observed many adults around him who are struggling with stress and this inspired him to create the chatbot MAX. He says, “People often don’t like to talk to anyone about their issues because of confidentiality. However the advantage of talking to MAX is that you are talking to a robot and you can also delete the chat so there is no proof of your conversation. MAX also has a bit of humor and it seems like talking to a friend.”

Image Source: Times Of India

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