This grandma became an entrepreneur in her nineties and Chandigarh loves her besan ki barfi

This uplifting news comes to us from Chandigarh, India.

We associate the term entrepreneur with successful businessmen, young talent and powerful hardworking youth but have you ever heard of someone becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 94?

This grandma hardly knew that a casual conversation with her daughter would change her life forever. One fine day granny Harbhajan Kaur’s daughter Raveena Suri asked her mom casually about any regrets that she has in her life. The granny said, “I had a fulfilling life, but my only regret is that I never earned any money on my own. I wish I had.”

This sentence hit Raveena hard and she made up her mind that she would fulfil her mom’s desire. She came up with the idea of a startup business for her mom where she would make delicious sweets that Raveena had grown up eating. Specialising in ‘besan ki barfi’, Raveena encouraged her mom to launch her handmade sweets and delicacies in the market and set up her business.

Four years ago, she began by setting up a small shop at a local market, earned INR 2000 and came home smiling because it was her hard earned money. There was no looking back since then. Selling her trademark besan ki barfi for around 850 per kg, the super granny is on fire.

Her happiness knew no bounds when Raveena got her daughter married some two months back. Raveena’s daughter insisted that the guests in her wedding should be gifted sweets along with the invitation cards and she wanted the sweets to be ‘nani made’. Now isn’t that a sweet gesture?

Harbhajan ji prepared around 200 kgs of besan ki barfi and the guests felt so elated and privileged on receiving the ‘nani made’ sweets. It was a dream come true for our super granny.

Raveena feels that the venture is really very important for her mom because it boosted her confidence and it feels great to see her mom chat with her fellows with her head held high. The monetary factor doesn’t really count in her case but the happiness that her mom feels is worth a million dollars.

It is not easy to come up with something like this in the nineties. The confident spirit of a granny and the wonderful thought of her daughter has given wings to a butterfly and we are happy to see her fly higher.

Image Credits: Ludhiana Live News

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