Kerala fishermen act wisely and release endangered whale shark back to the sea

This wonderful news comes to us from Kerala, India.

A group of fishermen in Kerala are coming in for a lot of praise from all quarters after they released an endangered whale shark caught in their nets back into the sea. There is a video on Twitter that shows these intrepid fishermen working to extract the whale shark from the nets it was caught in and then shunting it back into the sea.

InSeason Fish, which is a group that works towards sustainable fisheries, environmental conservation and healthy oceans, has posted a video on Twitter of the fisherman working to extricate the whale shark from the nets, has garnered a lot of praise ever since from all quarters of the globe. The video shows fishermen on a boat in Kozhikode with the enormous whale shark.

Whale sharks happen to be the largest fish in the oceans and they can reach sizes of up to 40 feet in length. They are unique in looks with telltale white spots on their bodies and are listed on International Union for Conservation of Nature’s list of endangered species.

The video shows up to seven fishermen working together to lift the thrashing whale shark up with the help of ropes and then maneuvering it to a good position after which they release it back into the water.

Ever since the video was posted on Twitter, it has garnered over 30000 times hits and netizens have showered lavish praise on the fishermen for their selfless act of releasing the whale shark back into the water. Twitter users have expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the fishermen for acting wisely and in the nick of time to do their bit for the environment which is so very challenged in times like these.

Image source: NDTV

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