IKEA made nights heavenly for cats by donating doll beds to a cat shelter

This happy news comes to us from Ontario, Canada.

The cat shelter at Etobicoke Humane Society housed in Ontario, Canada hardly knew that the cats in their house will have a peaceful sleep at night. Despite having easy to clean good flooring, it was not really comfortable for the cats to sleep on the floor. The furnishing brand IKEA donated 10 doll beds to the society and the cats have finally found a new place to sleep on.

Not actually manufactured for cats, the doll beds are apt for the kitties when it comes to the size and design. The sight is so cute to look at that anyone would go ‘aww’. The kitties sleeping on those tiny little cozy beds with bed linen sets is a sight to look at. They look so adorable and cute that you would want to gaze at them forever.

IKEA donated their Duktig doll beds made out of pine wood and the society can’t thank the brand enough. The kitties at the shelter no longer sleep on the floor.  The bed is apt for any other small sized animal like puppies, bunnies etc. The society is using them for their cats.

The Etobicoke Humane Society has been operating since 25 years and they have been taking care of animals. They have shelters for different animals and the doll beds have occupied the space in the cat shelter.

Isn’t it amazing to see a brand coming up for the betterment of animals? Where people don’t even think about humans there are also these gems who end up thinking about animals. IKEA is an inspiration for people around the world and we hope other animals at the shelter also get lucky like our furry friends. Wishing the kitties a very warm and cozy sleep.

Image Credits: Just Something

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