People form a human chain to save a dog and its rescuer

This inspiring news comes to us from Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Sometimes animals tend to get stuck in such a situation that it becomes impossible for them to come out from it. Usually, animals survive in the wild and they know how to tackle difficult situations but you must have also seen your pets doing something so strange that you start wondering, “How did my dog end up there?”

Something similar happened with this dog somewhere in Almaty, Kazakhstan who got trapped amidst gushing water and it was unable to find a way out. Standing close to a ledge, the dog was confused regarding what to do next. When a passerby noticed the dog, he immediately went down the embankment to save the poor dog. He slowly approached the dog and carefully pulled it towards the embankment away from the ledge.

When he tried climbing up the concrete embankment he realised that it was steep enough for him to climb. He found it impossible to drag the dog along with him. Even then he continued trying and failed again and again. When people noticed the rescuer as well as the dog, one by one strangers began joining hands and they formed a human chain down the embankment to pull the man as well as the dog up. It was a heartwarming sight.

We rarely get to see strangers coming up for helping a stray dog. Even after a few strangers joined hands, they were unable to reach the end of the embankment. After sometime, two more guys joined in and they pulled them up and this saved the life of the dog. The video of this rescue mission got loved by people from all over the world. It was amazing to see strangers joining hands for a dog.

We salute the heroes for saving a poor pup’s life and showing courage and determination.

Image Source: Inspire More

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