This orthopedic surgeon saved the life of Eurasian crane that was badly injured

This inspiring news comes to us from Ahmedabad, India

We often tend to forget the shortcomings of our celebrations and every year during the festival of makar sankranti thousands of birds are left injured due to the manjas of the kites.

The kite flying festival brought immense pain for this poor crane whose body was covered in blood and with broken bones the crane was in a state of death. The sharp kite strings had pierced the body of the poor bird but Ahmedabad based orthopedic surgeon Dr Ashish Mehta came forward with a team of vet to help the crane.

A guy spotted the injured crane bleeding and lying on the ground and he immediately took the crane to an NGO. A vet team at first tried to control the bleeding. Soon after they found out about the fracture and they waited for a day to proceed further.

They decided to contact human orthopedic surgeon Dr Mehta for the surgery because it required complicated procedure that was not possible for a vet orthopedic surgeon to perform. The surgery required drilling and the vet surgeon was not sure about the process. The team then requested Dr Mehta for help.

Dr Mehta being an animal lover agreed instantly but he was nervous to perform the surgery on a bird. Nonetheless he did not let his nervousness come in way and he performed an hour long surgery by inserting rods and yet coming out successful.

After a day to two the crane was carefully relocated to a wildlife care center in Bodakdev and it recovered well there.

Dr Mehta said, “It is very rare for an orthopedic, who treats humans, to treat birds. I have helped veterinarians perform surgery on dogs and cats. I have also read a lot about birds and animals, which gave me the confidence to carry out this surgery.”

The vet orthopedic field is not very advanced and it is often seen that human orthopedic surgeons are called upon for complicated animal surgeries but bird surgeries are very complex. We salute Dr Mehta for his courage and knowledge.

It is also our responsibility to restrict our ways of celebrating festivals. We do not have the right to harm other species for our happiness. It is not just this crane but there are several other animals who become prey to our celebrations. Let us pledge to not hurt animals and make the world a happy place for them too.

Representation Image Source: Slim Bridge

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