Abandoned malnourished husky finds a rescuer and lives happily now

This uplifting news comes to us from Denpasar, Bali.

One fine day while roaming the streets of Denpasar, this guy Rico Soegiarto had not thought that he would come across a heartbreaking sight. He spotted a husky who was so lean, malnourished and weak that it could die any moment.

The dog’s coat was not trimmed since months and it had bald patches all over its body. The husky almost looked skeletal and could barely stand up. Its nails were long and unkempt. Rico instantly decided that he will take care of the dog and nurse him in every way possible.

The weak dog had not had anything since days and Rico like a caring mom nurtured the dog for months. He gave him a warm and cozy bath, trimmed its nails as well its coat. Rico made several visits to the vet and made the dog eat a healthy and proper meal. In around 10 months, the dog looked healthy and fine. With a beautiful coat and a healthy body, today the dog is living life to the fullest with its new owner.

Rico and the husky are very happy with each other and it seems both of them are true friends for each other. It is not easy for anyone to pick up random animals lying or wandering around the streets. You definitely need a brave and big heart for taking such a step. We respect guys like Rico who take time out from their daily schedule and think about other living beings.

This dog who could have otherwise died now has a beautiful life and Rico has a great companion with whom he is happy too. The duo love spending time together and we wish other animals too have a lucky day in their life where they are saved by an angel like Rico.

Image Source: Thinking Humanity

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