Australia’s Irwin family opened their arms for injured animals amidst massive bushfire

This uplifting news comes to us from Australia.

Bushfires are a real rage in today’s times and the whole of Australia is suffering from it. It’s been over four months now that Australia is suffering from these wild incessant fires that have caused massive damage to life and property. It is the wild animals which seem to have been inflicted with the most troubles.

As per reports, 30 percent of wildlife has been damaged owing to these rampant bushfires which is mainly caused because of massive climate changes. As images came up of animals trying hard to escape the fire, lots of volunteers have come up to support this cause.

Australia zoo, founded by Steve Irwin is another prestigious name that has come to the forefront in support of these fires. This zoo has treated over 90,000 animals and they continue to do so in the times to come.

Bindi Irwin, daughter of legendary wildlife contributor Steve Irwin has pledged to support the cause as she remains dedicated in her attempt to become one of the top wildlife warriors. Her heart breaks at the pitiable condition and she wants to do whatever she can for the sake of rescuing and helping the animals who seem to be struggling hard owing to the fire.

Of course, every effort matters and this is why it is these gestures by volunteers that show how much they care. Saving all animals might not be possible but it is the effort that counts and ends up making a key difference.

Just like members of Australia zoo are trying hard to save and rescue animals who have been suffering so much, there is a pressing need to do a lot more. The condition is pitiable and it is important for people to come forward and help these little animals.

Also, it is about time the world thinks collectively to do something about climate control.

Image Source: Apsari


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