These guys made chilly nights comfortable for poor people in Bengaluru

This uplifting news comes to us from Bengaluru, India.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the beggars and homeless people who sleep all night in the open without any blanket? Imagine when we feel cold even after comforting ourselves with blankets, how do the poor spend the chilly nights?

A group of seven guys in Bengaluru got disturbed with this thought and they decided to donate blankets to the needy and poor. The homeless sleeping around the KR market had no idea that they would suddenly wake up to a warm morning and finally have a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

The guys who have formed a group and call themselves ‘on the rocks’ have been knowing each other since two years. Working in the same software firm, they developed a bond and soon formed a cricket team. Their love for cricket brought them closer and they became really good friends. It was one fine day when they decided to do something good for the society.

In the year 2019, the group worked on a campaign to spread breast cancer awareness. This year in 2020, they decided to provide blankets to the homeless. With the help and cooperation from a localite near KR market area, they distributed around 50 blankets. With the help of their friends as well as colleagues they raised INR 15000 from crowdfunding and contribution from known people.

The guys purchased blankets from a store and reached the KR market area at night somewhere around 10:25 pm. The distribution process  started and it made them feel so good. It was disheartening for them to see that there are people who don’t have blankets to shield their body from winter. The group absolutely deserves love and respect from each one of us.

Image Source: Times Of India

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