Mother in law donates kidney to woman and saves her life

This wonderful news comes to us from Gujarat, India.

Many a times you must have heard of the proverbial mother-in-law and daughter-in-law spats and arguments. War of words between the wife and the mother in law is very common. However, this mother in law did something out of the world for her suffering daughter in law.

Asha, from Surat was suffering from a kidney disease which was looking fatal. Her right kidney was damaged and it’s effects could be also observed on the left kidney. Things came to such a pass that some ultimate step had to be taken to save her life. A kidney transplant was the only way in which her life could be saved.

The doctor in charge of Asha’s case, Dr. Manoj Guber says that Asha could receive a kidney donation from either her husband, father in law or mother who was in a favorable position for the kidney transplant. However her husband and father in law suffered from high sugar which ruled them out as donors for Asha. Her mother is 69 years old and doctors ruled that she was too old to act as an organ donor.

It was in such a situation that Asha’s 65 year old mother in law Shanti Devi came forward in order to donate her kidney to save her daughter in law’s life. Shanti Devi is a resident of Rajasthan and she was brought to Gujarat where the doctors conducted a physical examination and found her suited to kidney donation. This whole process took about 3 months.

Finally, the operation took place and Shanti Devi managed to save the life of Asha with her kidney donation. It is a very big matter that Shanti Devi came forward to help her daughter in law, but she says that she too is someone’s mother and she didn’t think twice before volunteering her kidney for transplant. If we only had more people like Shanti Devi, there would be so much more cheer all around.

Image source: Ek bihari sab par bhari

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