Swiss Army airlifted tons of water to feed thirsty cows

This uplifting news comes to us from Switzerland, Europe.

The army of every nation definitely serve the people of their respective nations but have you ever heard of the army doing something for animals?

Well the story goes back to the year 2015 when the Swiss army quenched the thirst of some 20000 cows grazing in the Alps.

It so happened that in the month of July, the rising temperature caused extremely hot weather and the water body levels reduced to a critically low point thus leaving the cows thirsty. The Swiss army made up their minds to airlift water from nearby water bodies and supply it on the Alps in order to make up for the water loss.

In order to make the mission possible, around 120 army men joined hands and with the help of four Super Puma helicopters they lifted around 1800 tons of water on the alps. The entire process took around 31 days and they collected the water in around eight reservoirs set up at different elevations.

By the month of September, the cows came down from the pastures in Alps and they really looked healthy. The credit obviously goes to the military personnels who spent 31 days to fulfil the needs of the cows.

Well, army men are not meant to only fight for the nation. A true soldier is the one who considers helping anyone stuck in any sort of situation. We salute the true Swiss heroes who thought so much about these beautiful animals and saved the lives of thousands of cows. Water is an indispensable part of life and the cows could not have survived without the help and support from these unsung heroes. You people deserve all the love.

Image Source: Good News Network

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