Kolkata tea stall owner decides to donate organs after death

This inspiring news comes to us from Kolkata, India.

You must have heard incidents of rich people donating a huge sum of money for the welfare of the society but sometimes even the ones who cannot afford, tend to donate so much that they put the upper class to shame.

An obscure tea stall in the Rabindra Sarani area in Kolkata garnered attention after the death of its owner. Haripada the tea stall owner lived with his wife and they hardly made any income. Haripada had pledged to donate his cornea after his death. His wife Krishna Dutta had also decided that her body should be donated after her death.

Haripada had come to India when he was merely two years old, as a refugee along with his farther from Bangladesh. He worked as a construction labourer till his body supported after which he opened a tea stall. The couple set up the stall early morning and worked late night in order to make their ends meet. They also made up few favourite customers who would always turn up at the stall and chat with them for hours.

One fine day they came to know about body donation after death and they immediately made up their mind for the same. Haripda made it a point to keep reminding Krishna about his pledge. Since they had no income, they never went for body checkups and one day it so happened that Haripada felt uneasy. Krishna thought it to be acidity and didn’t pay heed. Suddenly, he felt unconscious and passed away. The customers present at the stall called for a doctor but Haripada was no more. Before breathing his last, he reminded Krishna of his pledge.

It was the toughest situation for Krishna because her husband was lying dead in front of her but all she could think of was his pledge to donate his body. She wiped off her tears and with a heavy heart went on with the procedure of body donation.

The body donation organisation in Kolkata, Ganadarpan believes that people do pledge to get their body donated after death but it is usually not easy for their families to do so after the former is deceased. Krishna Dutta stood firm with her decision and she thought of it as her husband’s last wish, thus fulfilling it. We don’t get to meet people like these very often. The true gems of our society.

Image Credits: Times of India

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