This Indian family sold their ancestral property for rescue dogs

This uplifting news comes to us from Mount Abu, India.

A dog lover, Jyoti Khandelwal from Mount Abu has turned out to be a saviour and hero for stray dogs. The hill station in district Sirohi has a rescue centre for dogs and Jyoti made it possible by selling a part of her ancestral house.

She along with her brother and sister have kept their careers aside and they are now spending time with rescue dogs. All the three are highly educated but for their unconditional love for dogs they didn’t mind leaving their career.

The story goes back to the time when a dog gave birth to six little puppies in Jyoti’s neighbourhood around four years back. The siblings used to hear the whining of the pups during midnight because of the extreme cold weather. They went ahead and brought the pups and the dog home. It was then that the idea of a rescue centre hit their mind.

They sold off a part of their ancestral house in order to fund the rescue centre. Their residence on Abu Road is where they operate the rescue centre on the top two floors and they use the ground floor as their residence. The use a rental income to support the finances of the rescue centre.

Today the rescue centre has around 60 dogs that have been rescued after an accident or illness. Jyoti also registered her centre as an NGO and named her sister the president. She did so with the motive to get some help from government vet hospitals when needed.

The sisters said that they do love other animals as well but they feel that street dogs are the most neglected ones. They also remember a time when they called up the “Nagar Palika” informing them about an injured dog and they were mocked very badly. The authority at the palika said that they had better jobs to perform than this.

It is truly a great initiative by the Khandelwal siblings and we hope they go a long way.

Image Credits: Times Of India

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