Punjabi gang dance in full coordination amidst snowfall

This happy news comes to us from Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Punjabi’s are known for their courage, zeal, happy spirit and whole heartedness. And when it comes to dancing, bhangra is truly the dance style that forces you to tap your feet and join the crowd. But what if you are told to dance when it is chilly cold?

The winter season is all about cosy sleeps, hot tea and lying down in bed under a very warm blanket. People do not even want to go out to work. These punjabi’s thought the other way round. A gang had visited the Salong Valley this new year. The place was covered in snow with chilly cold winds and snowfall but this gang thought of doing bhangra and you won’t believe the perfect coordination that their dance moves had. Dancing in full synchronisation, these guys went viral as soon as they posted their video on social media. The nation went crazy by seeing their bhangra moves that too amidst snowfall.

They got an overwhelming response on twitter and people went gaga over their zeal to dance. Soon after, they also shot a video during nighttime snowfall and the video received equal love from twitteratis. The guys can be seen happily dancing to punjabi song ‘sahiba’ and the video is absolutely oozing with happiness and good vibes.

When you are shivering with cold, don’t you feel like giving these guys a great round of applause for doing such a thing in snow clad Solang Valley? Yes, they deserve a standing ovation not just for their incredible moves but for inspiring thousands of people to live life to the fullest. It is time you should kick off your blanket, and enjoy every single moment of life.

Video Credits: Facebook

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