Norwegian photographer clicked stunning photos of rare white reindeer

This wonderful news comes to us from Norway, Europe.

Sometimes it so happens that nature turns magical and only the lucky ones get to witness the fairy tale sight. Mads Nordsveen aged 24 was hiking with his friends in the northern Norway mountains and he had no clue that he was about to witness a rare sight.

Mads hailing from Oslo got to see a white baby reindeer and he got mesmerized. The sight was so magical that Mads could not stop himself from staring at the creature and then he clicked pictures before the little baby vanished into the white snow.

He said, “He came to me very close and we looked into each other’s eyes. He was very calm when he saw that I did not have bad intentions. He behaved as if he was posing for my photos… he was very curious and funny, like a little explorer.” Mads then went on to share the beautiful pictures on his Instagram profile. He described the moment to be super magical as well as a fairy tale. Spotting a white reindeer is a sign of good luck as goes by the Scandinavian tradition.

After giving Mads the opportunity to click pictures, the baby moved on to the other end where its mother was waiting at the forest’s edge. This rare condition is not due to albinism like most people assume. It is actually a genetic condition wherein the color of their fur gets vanished. Users quickly started commenting on the fairy tale pictures and the magical pictures were also shared by many.

Many users also started sharing their clicks of white reindeer and someone also posted a video of a white moose. Well, all these white magical creatures do prove that nature is full of miracles and who knows if we are a miracle too.

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