Moms in Ahmedabad donate milk to save premature babies

This happy news comes to us from Ahmedabad, India.

The world definitely has some beautiful souls who leave us stunned with their good deeds. Supermom Rushina Doctor Marfatia aged 29 became a mom to a cute little baby boy a few months back and she decided to donate her breast milk to premature babies. In the past three to four months, Rushina has managed to donate around 12 litres of milk and she has saved the life of 5 little babies whose chances of survival were minute.

Rushina along with other such moms have been donating their breast milk at the MOM (mother’s own milk) bank operated by the Arpan Newborn Care Center. Dr. Ashish Mehta the senior neonatologist at the centre said, “Rushina’s deed is priceless. Her milk served as panacea for these fragile babies weighing anywhere between 600 gm and 1.5 kg who are more prone to infections.”

Rushina who breastfeeds her baby Viaan realized that she made more milk than what her son needs and she immediately decided to donate the rest of the milk to a needy baby. Her father found out about Arpan’s MOM bank and Rushina started the procedure. She strongly believes that breast-feeding makes the child healthier. The MOM bank has received around 90 litres of milk that makes around 600 feeds of 150 ml of milk each.

The doctors linked to the MOM’s bank have been seen expressing their happiness after moms like Rushina and 250 others have come forward to help the needy babies. There are moms who have had premature deliveries and they are unable to express milk but the MOM bank is making an effort to feed their babies with the donated milk. The donating moms are thoroughly screened for infections and the donated milk is also cultured after which it is given to babies.

Dr. Mehta has personally experienced that when the babies admitted in the ICU are fed the donated breast milk they tend to recover 50% faster as human milk is the best source of nutrients for babies. The milk is easily digestible and the babies tend to progress faster.

Arpan’s MOM bank gives preference to the babies born to mothers who are suffering from any kind of illness or they are unable to lactate due to any reason. The Care centre as well as the donating moms are truly doing a noble deed and deserve a salute from the world.

Image Source: India Times

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