6-year-old girl donates 4800 school bags to needy kids

This wonderful news comes to us from Nagpur, India.

Tunisha Khushroo Poacha from Nagpur is all of 6 years old and she had always seen her father support the needy through the services of his NGO, Seva Kitchen. Very recently, she saw him donating food and clothes to flood survivors and wondered why he did not collect school bags, stationery or books for the needy children.

Khushroo told his daughter that it was an oversight on his part and urged her to do something by herself. Tunisha thought about the issue and then proposed that she would donate school bags to every child.

Tunisha says with a smile, “My daddy gave them groceries and clothes. Why cannot I give them school bags?”

Her father initially had dismissed Tunisha’s proposal as childish banter but soon realized that his daughter was quite serious about the entire idea. Khushroo asked his daughter an exact number- 100, 200, 1000 or 5000. Without hesitation Tunisha chose the largest number.

In a little over 2 months since then, Tunisha, assisted by her father has succeeded in sending about 1000 bags to the NGO Goonj. Also, low income government schools around Nagpur and the suburbs have received 1800 bags, which is a highly commendable job.

The core of the bag collection initiative lies in a conversation that took place between Tunisha and her father. Her uncle had gifted her magic slate and Tunisha was busy sketching when a thought crossed her mind. She asked her father why they didn’t make magic slates for the needy kids. When Khushroo pointed out that they would not be able to make so many slates themselves, Tunisha thought of an alternative way to help the needy children and arrived at the initiative that she calls “the bags of kindness”.

The donors of bags normally order school bags online and send it to the Poacha’s address. Marking the commencement of the Daan Utsav or Joy of Giving Week, the drive started on 2nd October 2019. The endeavor was so successful that Tunisha is going to continue the operation on a larger scale and has no intention at all of stopping anytime soon!

Tunisha signs off by saying that she wants to send water bottles and tiffin boxes after this!

Image source: Nation Next

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