Residents feel delighted after receiv-ing clean water after five years of drought

This happy news comes to us from Kiunga, Kenya.

It is rightly said that water is an indispensable part of life be it humans, animals or plants. We cannot survive without water but people are still not learning to save water. We are being constantly warned about the depleting water levels all around the world and there is an urgent need to take drastic steps.

There are several regions around the world that are facing years of drought and survival is tough in those areas, Kiunga village in Kenya being one of them. Can you imagine the scene when you are deprived of clear drinking water completely? The village has been relying on dirty water from the wells and salt water from the Indian Ocean since five years.

The villagers breathed a sigh of relief after a desalination plant has been set up which is solar powered. The region is now receiving clean water, all thanks to the solar powered project. It is not the typical desalination plant that is launched everywhere. The water is cleaner than the water received from most of the plants.

This amazing project is undertaken by GivePower, an international non profit organisation that deals in lighting the lives of people living in darkness. This organisation uses renewable energy in order to provide food, water etc to remote areas or the places that are deprived of basic necessities.

Apart from this solar water plan, GivePower has also helped around 2500 schools in over 17 nations by providing them with renewable energy, thus helping more than 300000 people.

The organisation is also planning to set up similar water plants in other drought prone areas in countries like Haiti and Colombia. A great initiative with a healthy thought. Great job ‘GivePower’!

Image Source: Interesting Engineering

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