Indore schools to be declared anger free zones

This good news comes to us from Indore, India.

With more and more anger management institutes coming up, the school board CBSE has decided to come up with the concept of anger free zones in schools. The board has told all the CBSE affiliated schools in Indore to get geared up in order to turn into anger free zones.

Paying heed to education and fitness, the board believes that it is the anger in us that keeps us deprived of good health and sharp knowledge.

Ms Reena Khurana, the chairperson of Indore Sahodaya School Complex said, “According to the board, anger is detrimental to fitness and long term effects of uncontrolled anger include increased anxiety, high blood pressure and headache. This will be extremely beneficial for overall development of students.”

So anybody inside the school premises will have to control their anger and it not just goes to the students, but faculty, school management, parents, stakeholders too. It is a way to set an example in front of the students who are the future of our society. The board has also asked the schools to promote this concept on social media.

The schools have been told to follow certain practices like smiling and talking to people inside the premises, not using the cellphones unnecessarily, meditation, twenty minutes of self time, breathing exercises that help in calming the mind, etc. This concept will definitely help in having healthier minds and body. The students will become mentally more active and they will want to come back to school the next day when they go home smiling, happy with a light mood.

This is a great initiative undertaken by the CBSE board. The students are the pillars of our society and by making them stronger, the society is sure to have a prosperous living.

Image Credits: SketchUp

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