Hairdresser in Tamil Nadu is so fond of books that he has a library in his salon

This happy news comes to us from Tamil Nadu, India.

Poverty snatches the right to education from many little children and it is often seen that the ones who are deprived of good education desire to study more and more. A similar situation arose with P Ponmariappan who runs a salon in Tuticorin.

Housed at Millerpuram, the salon is home to a unique library that has around 800 books. Ponmariappan is so fond of books that he runs a discount scheme in his salon for customers who agree to read books. He asks for a genuine feedback from the customers agreeing to read the books and offers them a 30% discount on salon services.

This tactic of his is disliked by few young customers who are students. They feel it is irritating to read books after studying the entire day already. A standard eight drop out, Ponmariappan had initially set up an audio system in his salon where speeches from famous Tamil orators played aloud. It was only after reading ‘Puthagamae Thunai’ that he got the unique idea of collecting books and showcasing them in his salon.

In order to confirm that the waiting customers have actually read the book, he asks them to write down a summary of whatever they have read in a diary that he keeps in his shop. The salon library has received compliments from many people including Ponmariappan’s favourite author, S Ramakrishnan. He has also received a humble donation of around 50 books from Tuticorin MP Kanimozhi.

After all this, Ponmariappan has now decided that he would start lending books from his library after the new year hits. He is absolutely a gem of a person.

Image Credits: Times Of India

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