Woman in Birmingham invites homeless families to her picnic

This uplifting news comes to us from Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Can you even imagine that there are people in the wide world who are surviving on takeaways and families of five to six are managing somehow in hotel rooms with no cooking, washing and other facilities. Well, Birmingham has several such families and one humble lady namely Marion Kenyon was heartbroken to know about this.

Marion aged 52 resides in Northfield, Birmingham and as soon as she came to know that several families are temporarily living in a nearby Travelodge it broke her heart. She was horrified at the mere thought of it and she immediately decided to throw a picnic for the families, invite them and talk to them personally so that she could know of ways she could help them.

She came to know about the Travelodge and the families living there by reading the news in a newspaper. She wanted the families to feel one with her and she invited five families including nine children and offered them sandwiches, cakes, fruits etc.

Marion had also arranged board games, colouring sheets and pencils for the kids and their parents absolutely loved the sight of the children playing joyfully.

Marion exclaimed, “If nothing else it says to them: we care about you, you’re not forgotten. We know you’re here. We can’t wave a magic wand and change things, but what we can do is come along and be your friends.”

She offered the families to take fruits and cakes along with them and after spending two hours chit chatting with them she finally decided that she would host more such picnics for the families. Marion also hopes that more people will come forward to help these families and she is absolutely an inspiration for the world.

Image Source: Huffington Post

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