Walk with your parents; let them know you are there for them

This wonderful news comes to us from India.

In the hectic world of today we are caught up in work and other things so much so that we tend to forget our parents. They are the ones who were unconditionally supporting us through thick and thin and their efforts need to be recognized.

The Sneh Lata Walk With Your Parents walk has been arranged so that adult children are reminded to spend some time with their elders. The elderly age group is one age group that is sorely neglected and the walk aims to right this occurrence.

The walk is of 3 kilometers only but it gets you quality time with your parents as both of you walk together towards the finish line. When we couldn’t even stand, our parents held our hand to steady us. Now that they are old, it is our duty to hold their hands.

The walk will ensure that children and parents spend some quality time together and also increasingly open channels of communication. The walk is being held at Aerocity Delhi on 5th January 2020.


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