Little girl requests Pizza Restaurant Chain to stop plastic straw usage

This happy news comes to us from United Kingdom.

The youth is taking serious measures to stop plastic usage and we can see several campaigns running all around the world that promote the use of biodegradable materials instead of harmful ones. But what if little kids come up with the thought of saving the environment?

Recently, it so happened that a 5 year old girl named Ava wrote a letter to Pizza Express stating, “I am writing to you to ask if you could stop using plastic straws because they are very bad for animals. They can get stuck in their mouths and noses. Could you only use straws if people ask for them because I don’t want any animals to get sick.”

Ava is a regular customer at Pizza Express, the Italian chain of restaurant with around 470 outlets all around the world. The chain announced on the Facebook page that they have decided to stop the usage of non biodegradable items in all of their branches.

The company also said that they feel it is important to pay heed to the customer feedback and when a girl as little as Ava can think so big, it is their duty to look into the matter. They decided to replace single use items like plastic straws with recyclable paper ones.

The company also published another statement stating that the letter by Ava was very much real and they feel that it is amazing that a young child has taken this big a step and came forward with such a compassionate thought.

Isn’t it absolutely heartwarming that kids nowadays think so much about the society. They make us realise that it is time we should stand for the betterment of the environment too.

Image Source: Good News Network

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