American family developed sweet friendship with a Japanese man despite language barrier

This happy news comes to us from Yokosuka, Japan.

The story goes back to the year 2013 when an American Reddit user Theresa shared a picture of a sweet note from a Japanese friend of hers. Theresa along with her husband and little daughter had shifted to a neighborhood in Yokosuka as her husband had been stationed in a nearby navy base. The family then gifted chocolates and beer to all their neighbors.

About an hour later, Yamashita visited their place with a thank you note, toilet paper rolls and stuffed toys for the little angel.

Theresa and her husband were elated to see the sweet note that read, “I can’t speak English. Thank you for the present. My name is Hiroshi Yamashita. I’m 52 years old. I’m divorced and I live alone.” He also mentioned, “Thank you for your friend operation.”

Yamashita had actually used a translation app for writing down the note. The couple was not expecting anything of this sort in return. The note and gifts by their Japanese neighbor meant a lot. Reddit users got very excited seeing the picture of the note and they absolutely loved the sweet gesture. The users were waiting to know more about where the friendship headed to? Theresa had also posted a picture of her daughter playing with the toys that Yamashita had gifted.

About 6 years later this year Theresa mentioned that they had lived in the neighborhood for around 4 years and they had a regular morning chat with Yamashita. They also exchanged gifts on regular basis and attended dinner parties together. They had 4 other sweet neighbors apart from Yamashita.

The friendship between the American couple and Yamashita truly proves that when the cords hit perfectly even language barriers do not matter.

Image Source: Good News Network

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